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Science Dictionary of Terms in Your Science Projects and Experiments
As you work on your project, you may encounter a science term that you are not completely certain of its meaning. The following definitions are provided to help you in this regard. 

Title is the concise description of the science project.

Science Fair Question
A science fair question is an informal form of the hypothesis composed as a question.

The hypothesis is a statement of the relationship between the independent variable and the dependent variable the truth of which is to be tested by the science experiment.

Independent Variable
The independent variable is the variable that is changed by the experimenter in order to measure the effect of the change, if any, on the dependent variable.

Levels of the Independent Variable
Levels of the independet variable are the values assigned to the independent variable by the experimenter.

Dependent Variable
The dependent variable is the variable that may change as a result of a change in the independent variable.

Constants are factors that do not change or are not permitted to change during the course of the experiment.

Experimental Groups
Experimental groups are subjects or objects to which changes are applied.

Control Groups
Control groups are subjects or objects to which no changes are applied and the results of which are compared to the experimental groups.

Repeat Trials
Repeat trials are repetitions of the experiment, with the independent variable changed to a different level for each of the tests.

Replicated Experimental Data
The term, Replicated Experimental Data, means that when the experiment is run with various values of the independent variable, the corresponding values of the dependent variable will be equal or very nearly equal to the values from previous runs of the experiment.

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